Doo doo doodling
With my pen.
Thi thi thinking
Remembering when
Life seemed easy,
Days were bright;
Smiles came readily,
Steps sprang light.

Doo doo doodling
Thoughts began
To remind me
Things still can
Be more easy,
Still shine bright;
come quite readily,
Still spring light.

Doo doo doodling
My heart sings,
La la laughing
At silly things.
Take it easy,
Paint things bright:
Joy, spring readily:
Life is all right!



I invite you to share


*Stories about pets

*Stories about family and friends



*Advice or things you find that work especially well


*Books you’ve read that you would like to recommend

*Anything else that might encourage people, make them laugh or get them to think.

One book I have been reading is, “The Doctor Wore Petticoats; Women Physicians of the Old West,” by Chris Enss.  Those ladies had to be strong and resilient!

So here’s a question:  What qualities do you value about yourself and others?